Shatin Galleria


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Parking Facility

Only Octopus is accepted for entry, exit and payment at Shatin Galleria Car Park

Parking Spaces268
Parking Fee$19 per hour (Monday to Saturday, except Public Holidays) for Private car/Van
$12 per hour (Sunday & Public Holidays) for Private car/Van
$24 per hour for Lorry

Parking Privilege

$110 from 7:00a.m. to 7:00pm (Daily)

Parking Privilege for Evenings and Weekends (Starting from 10 September 2011)

Promotion Period
Mon-Fri: 6pm-10pm
Sat-Sun & Public Holidays: 7am-10pm

Enjoy first 2-hour parking at half hour parking fee upon spending HK$200 at Shatin Galleria . Please refer to in-mall promotion materials for details.

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